A Revolutionary Resolution

Drama-title, I know. But this could truly be revolutionary. I’ve committed to downsizing my wardrobe substantially, with the promise of health, wealth and happiness (okay maybe just a little more wealth and a lot more happiness). Yes, I am going to create a capsule wardrobe.

Wa-hu? What is a capsule wardrobe, you ask? I just learned that it’s a highly edited defined number of clothing articles that work well with each other and make you feel great.

Why is this becoming such a popular concept? Because it cuts clutter, saves money and creates more outfit options than ever. Additionally, on a higher level, you can take a stand against “fast fashion” while developing your own personal style. (Think of fast fashion like fast food – it’s bad for you, and bad for the planet. More details to follow.)

Some capsule experts say you can have 10, 24 or 33 items in your entire capsule wardrobe per season.

Some offer tips on how to choose them.

Some offer paid courses.

Maybe because I know I’ll not be able to buy as much now that I’m committed to trying this, I went for two paid options to compensate my trigger finger on the PayPal button.

So as you might know, I moved across the country to Georgia, had a baby, and then moved back to Cali again after 4 months. My body has changed. I have changed. My life has changed. My house size dramatically changed. And my closet situation has never been worse (or errrr um, better?) in that I have one closet. Um, for the ENTIRE house. True story: my 4 person family is now living with ONE 5 foot wide closet. No coat closet. No shoe closet. No broom closet. No spare room to throw stuff in.

After cursing each one of the wardrobe / sweater / shoe moving boxes that I opened yet had no place to unpack, I had to admit that I am a hoarder-of-sorts. I have kept some articles for a crazy long time without wearing them once. In fact, I have 2 jam-packed clothing racks of hanging clothes, and 7 boxes of designer jeans & sweaters, and about 40 – 50 pairs of shoes. The sad thing is that I “purged” a few times before the multiple moves and I STILL ended up with all of this…. crap.

{PHOTO: Clothing rack.}

Why have I kept such a collection? The best I could come up with is I either paid a lot and so can’t bear to toss it, or paid too little for it on sale but it’s not exactly right for me and so it’s brand new, and/or the article is aspirational and giving it away means I am giving away “that person.” (It looks like this is good-bye gold leather pants. I’ll miss you, or at least the idea that I could still get away with wearing you. Good-bye spikey Jimmy Choos – if you feel cheapened by our one night stand, I do too, but honestly, I am just not that kind of girl anymore and it’s time we both admit it.)

I’ve subscribed now to both the Caldwell Capsule (hyperlink: https://www.cladwell.com) program and the Project 333 (hyperlink: http://bemorewithless.com/capsule/) program which both hold your hand in the process of editing down your existing wardrobe and then building back up 4 different capsules for each season that truly fit your lifestyle and personal style. I’ll let you know how it goes and what I think of the services. They were inexpensive to join ($15 and $20 accordingly) so if you wanna jump on it with me at this eager-beavery time of the year to get shit done, I’d love the company.

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