About Jen


About Jen

Jen Boulden is an accomplished “Passion-preneur.” Hailing from Atlanta, Boulden spent the early part of her career leading business and marketing strategies for corporations such as IBM and Hearst, before becoming a marketing executive at several venture-backed Internet companies in NYC and then working with board members from two of the world’s pre-eminent environmental think tanks: World Resource Institute and the Rocky Mountain Institute.

In 2001 Boulden foresaw the green business revolution, and committed herself to proving that businesses can do well…by doing good. After receiving her MBA in Environmental Management from George Washington University on full scholarship, she founded The Anavo Group, one of the first successful sustainable-business consulting firms in the country. The firm’s client work allowed her to see the market need for her “big idea”, and so the daily eco-living email, Ideal Bite, was born. With Boulden’s strategic positioning of the brand to appeal to a mainstream audience, her user-experience focused design of the website and email product, and her prowess in PR and marketing, the private-equity backed company amassed a loyal following of over a half-million subscribers, and was then bought by The Walt Disney Company in 2008.

After years as a VP with Disney, Boulden then guided other passion-preneurs in bringing their visions to life, or their startup to the next level of success.

Additionally, Boulden is a public speaker, a TV personality for select green products, and has a family run non-profit that elevates awareness for high-welfare meat and dairy options. She has a degree in Economics from William & Mary, and was honored with the highest award ever given to an alumni by George Washington University. Boulden also speaks Spanish, as do her two younger children.

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